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14. listopadu 2011, 15.06



As an employee of our client, you have the opportunity to utilise a special discount of 10% on the sales price given on these web pages.


These are vehicles owned by the company ARVAL CZ s.r.o., they have been returned from operative leasing, and we are now offering them for sale. On these pages you will find out all the information about the vehicles:

- equipment

- technical data

- age

- number of kilometres on the clock

- photographs

- damage

- location of vehicle, i.e., second-hand car dealership where the car is and where you can inspect it in person


For the financing of the vehicle you can utilise an advantageous loan which we will help arrange for you from the company Cetelem ČR, a.s.


You can find details about special offers in the appended leaflet.







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